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Remnant 2

Remnant II is a deep and engaging game overflowing with secrets to uncover and difficult battles to overcome. Whether you’re curious about how a mechanic works or are stuck on one of the game’s immensely challenging puzzles, we’ve compiled all of our guides in one place to make things easier for you. 📚

🎭 Archetypes: Choose Your Path!

Archetypes are Remnant II’s form of classes, and you have a number of them to choose from. You can mix and match to create different combinations, but you’ll generally need to follow certain steps in order to unlock subsequent options. 🔓

🧩 Puzzles: Crack the Code!

Remnant II is full of extremely difficult puzzles. Rather than spending hours trying to solve them yourself, we’ve assembled tips and answers on how to get through many of them. 🧠

⚙️ Game Mechanics: Master the Basics!

Remnant II will be familiar to those who played the previous game, but whether it’s been a while or you never tried that one, we’ve assembled some of the crucial info you need to know to make the most of the experience. 📖

🔥 Best Class for Solo Players in Remnant II: The Handler!

Again, it should be stressed that any archetype is viable for solo play–but if you’re looking to make things less stressful for yourself, you’ll want to choose the Handler. This pet class comes with a dog that can dish out extra damage, pull aggro from you, and even revive you sometimes when you go down–provided you have an extra Relic available when it happens. 🐶

Because the Handler sports this additional companion, it can feel like you have a second player with you. You’re able to command the dog to attack certain targets, and you’ll be able to use its three unique skills that can provide significant aid in battle. These can either buff your attack damage, provide a defensive bonus, or grant health regeneration. Even better, if you do decide to team up with some other real people, these bonuses will also apply to them. 🤝

Another benefit of the Handler is its faster movement speed. Early on in its leveling process, you’ll earn a 10% movement buff that makes moving around battlefields a bit quicker. Like with your dog’s skills, this buff can also apply to any friends you bring along, as long as they’re within 10m of you. 🏃‍♂️

The Handler’s unique archetype trait is Kinship, which increasingly reduces friendly-fire damage as you level up the class. This comes in handy quite a lot, as you’ll be shooting the same enemies as your dog and may unintentionally hit it occasionally. Having this friendly-fire damage reduction means that you’ll also give and receive less damage from any friends you’re playing with if your bullets happen to graze each other. 🚫

Though any secondary archetype will fit the Handler pretty well, a few worth considering include Medic and Summoner. The former allows you to keep yourself healed and buffed even further so as to improve survivability while playing solo. The latter is another pet class, meaning you can have additional creatures summoned to aid you in battle. With all of this additional assistance, handling groups of enemies can be significantly easier. 🩺

Regardless of what secondary archetype you decide to go with, you can rest assured that the Handler is a solo powerhouse. Besides, it goes without saying that having a pup follow you around for the entire game is quite a treat. And yes, you can pet the dog. 🐶

🔒 How to Unlock the Asylum Safe in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium: Crack the Code!

As you look around the Sanatorium in Morrow Parish, you’ll stumble across a lot of interesting items and secrets, including a locked safe located within one of the hospital offices that requires a four-digit combination. The code is actually part of the song sung by the deranged doctor in the basement of the hospital: “Two shiny copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellowed leaves excised from one forgotten tome.” 🎶

Having listened carefully to the lyrics of the song, we can ascertain that the combination is 2971. You don’t need to visit the deranged doctor to access the safe, though, so feel free to simply head directly to the chest and put in the code whenever you’d like. 📝

When you open the safe, you’ll find the Double Barrel, which as you might guess, is a double-barrel shotgun capable of dishing out immense damage at close range. It can only load two shots at one time, but considering how much power it packs and how quickly it reloads, you should have no problem blasting away your foes with this handy secondary weapon. Even better, pair it with a deadly melee weapon to make yourself an unstoppable close-quarters monster. 💥

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